Killer Scare Hits Delivery Workers

From Associated Press

Pizza deliverers, postal carriers and other door-to-door workers fear being attacked by residents terrified that the killer of five college students may be knocking at the door.

Deliverers have been told to take precautions because of the weapons their customers might wield.

“They are more nervous of the customers than they are of this (killer),” Greg Sausaman, owner of three Domino’s Pizza franchises, said. “Heaven forbid you knock on the wrong door right now.


“The drivers have been instructed that if anything looks suspicious, not to even get out of their car,” he said. “That way they don’t get a face full of Mace.”

One ice cream shop reported that its deliverers have been met by a baseball bat and a gun.

Sausaman’s drivers have been calling customers before making deliveries to identify drivers by name and appearance and honking their horns on arrival.

At Rocky Rococo Pizza, employees said people were asking for descriptions of delivery drivers.

“I had some girls that I delivered to, that I didn’t know if they’d open the door,” said Geoffrey Dunnam. “They were scared, and I knew I was scared.”