Gordon Knows What Team He’s Playing for

There’ll be no question where Milt Gordon’s loyalty lies come Saturday’s first Cal State Fullerton football game of the season.

Though the Titans will face the Cossacks from Sonoma State University, where Gordon just finished four years as vice president, Fullerton’s new president will sport Titan blue and orange at Saturday’s 1 p.m. game at Santa Ana Stadium.

“I’m a Titan, full-blooded and eager!” declared the 55-year-old former mathematics professor who became the university’s fourth president this month.

“I’m even giving a tailgate party before the game.”


The lanky former collegiate basketball player at Louisiana’s Xavier University evidentlyplans to become one of the Titans’ biggest boosters. He vowed to fly to Alabama for their Sept. 8 game against Auburn University.

“I’m a Titan. It’s Titans all the way.”