Festival '90 : FILM REVIEWS

Highlights among the more than 100 films and videos from 25 Pacific Rim countries are reviewed here:


Get Out of Here

Bolivia Screens tonight at 10 p.m., AMC/Santa Monica, 1310 Third St. Promenade, Santa Monica

Jorge Sanjines' story is as relentlessly black and white as the film stock on which it was shot. Evil, greedy gringos disguised as missionaries conspire with corrupt politicians, a North American mining conglomerate and brutal army officers to dispossess the inhabitants of a remote Andean village for the zinc ore underneath it. The Indian inhabitants of neighboring villages come to the aid of their comrades: They hold democratic meetings, discuss the class struggle, organize boycotts and found a revolutionary party, while the audience prays the film will break.

The characters, who exist only to deliver political messages, remain as stilted and flat as the figures in a medieval morality play. The production values are minimal.

It's difficult to imagine this simplistic, heavy-handed example of Marxist propaganda convincing the directors of an international corporation not to exploit the mineral wealth of the South American mountains or persuading peasants to resist the despoilation of their land.

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