PLATFORM : Next, McDeaths

My friends are pushing the (California Humane and Dignified Death Act) initiative. The only reason I don't go along with that is the initiative process concerns me. It's the type of thing that everybody will vote on emotionally. But you can imagine that this is going to be a very difficult thing to control and administer. We could have medical groups called McDeath. People would just set themselves up. "Well fine, it's legal, you want it, I'll bring my black bag over and do it." I don't think it's appropriate to do it in the back of a van. . . . You can imagine people who wanted to do away with an infirmed aunt so they can get her millions wouldn't have too much problem.

I think a person has a right to make that decision (about death). But it could be a bad decision. And enabling the medical profession to do it, well, I can just see setting up death clinics. This is a very broad bio-ethical moral issue. And for one person to say, I'm going to challenge all the laws of homicide that society has set up, I think is a little zany.

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