Scuffle Is Fatal to Illegal Migrant

An illegal migrant from Mexico was shot and killed late Saturday night as he attempted to seize a Border Patrol agent's gun during a scuffle, authorities said.

Victor Mandujano Navarro was shot once in the chest in a parking lot at 700 Camiones Way in San Ysidro, according to the Border Patrol and San Diego Police Department.

The suspect and four other undocumented aliens were seen running north from the border fence, 200 yards west of where Interstate 5 connects to Mexico, at 11:45 p.m. Saturday, said Ted Swofford, a Border Patrol spokesman.

The agent, a four-year member of the force whose name was not released, displayed his badge, but the suspect swung at him with his fists and began running south, Swofford said.

Mandujano picked up a rock and threw it at the agent, then ran into a drainage ditch, where he hit the officer in the head with his clenched fist, which contained a rock, Swofford said.

As the agent tried to subdue Mandujano, the suspect grabbed for the agent's holstered gun, which accidentally discharged, killing the suspect, Swofford said.

The Border Patrol said it is customary in such cases for both the police and the FBI to investigate.

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