CAMARILLO : Girl, 15, Testifies in Teacher's Trial

A 15-year-old Camarillo High School student testified Tuesday that her former drama teacher made lewd comments about her breasts, photographed her cleavage and promised her extra credit if she would clean his house while dressed in a French maid's costume.

The girl also testified that in the spring of 1989, William Fisher showed her a nude photo of his girlfriend while covering parts of the photo with his hand.

Fisher, 42, of Newbury Park, is on trial in Ventura County Municipal Court on eight misdemeanor counts of a law that makes it illegal to "annoy or molest a child under 18." Eight female students complained that he hugged them or made inappropriate sexual remarks at school.

The 15-year-old testified that Fisher told her, "I would die to see what's under your shirt." She also said Fisher often held her hand, once placing it on his leg next to his groin.

Also Tuesday, an 18-year-old woman who graduated from high school in June testified that Fisher gave her a C in November and implied that she would get better grades if she dated him.

And both testified, as five other girls have, that they were unaware they had been videotaped while Fisher showed them photographs of himself dressed as a woman. The tapes have been shown in court by the prosecution, with no formal explanation of how they were obtained.

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