WORLD : Injury Brings Bungee Jump Ban


The thrill-seeking sport of bungee jumping was banned today pending review of an accident that injured a former Miss Australia and an experienced jumper.

Natalie McCurry, whose reign as Miss Australia ended Monday, suffered a broken collarbone when a cord came free as she and a staff member of the Bungee Bats group plunged 130 feet.

McCurry and Andy Gulby took a tandem leap from a cage suspended by a crane off Sydney’s Birkenhead Point.

They had their arms wrapped around each other, and elastic cords attached to their ankles were supposed to stop their fall a couple of yards above the water.


But one of the cords broke free from the cage, leaving only the other to support the couple’s combined weight.

They hit the water and went under before the remaining cord stretched back. Then they dangled upside down for several minutes with their heads just above the surface.