Daryl Gates’ Comments on Drug Users

I completely understand the chief’s frustration with casual drug users who wrongly believe that they cause no harm to society. They are directly responsible, whether they believe it or not, for the enormous demand for drugs.

I am sure that part of the chief’s call for the death of casual drug users is due in part because some of America’s foremost leaders promote the legalization of drugs as the first step to the solution. Drug use is wrong and legalization is not the answer.

We need to provide our schoolchildren with anti-drug education, like LAPD’s DARE program, for all California schoolchildren, starting in kindergarten. Studies have shown a one-third decrease in drug abuse with these programs.


We need the death penalty for drug kingpins who are poisoning and crippling our society.

There must be more diversion programs for first-time drug offenders.

Los Angeles County is not getting its fair share of federal resources. We must demand more federal drug enforcement agents, more federal prosecutors and more custom officials.

However, one of the most often overlooked weapons in the drug fight is the home itself. Public policy should strengthen the family. Families must get involved with their children and take a more active role in raising them.


West Hills