LOCAL : Conserve Gas, Bush Aide Urges

From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports

A top Bush Administration energy official urged the American public this morning to save one gallon of gasoline a week, saying that effort would be “more than enough” to compensate for the Persian Gulf oil cut off by Iraq.

Assistant Energy Secretary Michael Davis said the political crisis in the Middle East has not created an energy crisis. But Davis said that the American public should do its part with simple measures such as saving a gallon a week, properly inflating automobile tires, leaving gas-guzzling cars in garages and driving the speed limit.

“This will solve the shortfall, as long as we have enough Americans responding,” he said.

The push for the public to conserve is the main thrust of a new short-term energy policy the Bush Administration revealed two weeks ago in response to the Persian Gulf crisis. Davis spoke this morning at an energy conference in Newport Beach.