VIDEO RENTALS : 'Born' Can't Pass High-Revving 'Daisy'

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"Driving Miss Daisy" continues to race along in high gear, too fast for the competition. "Born on the Fourth of July" may die in the No. 2 slot. It doesn't seem to have the power to catch "Miss Daisy" and may start slipping down the chart without ever savoring the top spot. If MCA/Universal had released it at any other time--to avoid direct competition with "Miss Daisy"--then "Born" would certainly have reached No. 1. That sentimental soaper "Stella," featuring Bette Midler, is doing surprisingly well--No. 4--in the rental market for a movie that had a so-so ($20 million) box-office run. "Impulse," a violent drama starring Theresa Russell as a cop with questionable scruples, debuted at No. 27 and could be a sleeper rental hit.

* "All Dogs Go to Heaven," the feature-length animated movie, is picking up steam in the rental market, climbing to No. 8 on the chart. But it's in the sales market that this tape, which sells for $25, has its strongest appeal. It's been No. 1 on the Billboard sales chart for the last few weeks, but could be knocked out in the next week or two by Disney's "Peter Pan."

Ranking Weeks Ranking 2 Weeks On Rental Top Rentals Last Week Ago Chart 1."Driving Miss Daisy" (Warner) 1 1 8 2."Born on the Fourth of July" (MCA/Universal) 2 2 6 3."Bad Influence" (RCA/Columbia) 3 11 3 4."Stella"(Touchstone) 8 12 3 5."Joe Versus the Volcano" (Warner) 5 4 5 *"All Dogs Go to Heaven" (MGM/UA) 13 17 3

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