Stations Ban CBS Releases : Boycott: Black outlets hit Sony over Japanese Cabinet minister’s slur.

From United Press International

Two black-owned radio stations are boycotting new releases from Sony Corp.'s CBS Records because of a racial slur by a Japanese Cabinet minister, a station official said today.

Joe Tamburro, programming director for WDAS-FM, said his station and WDAS-AM will continue to play CBS records but will not play any new releases. Tamburro said “a whole bunch of stuff” came out this week that the station has not played.

The boycott is in retaliation for a comment made recently by Japanese Justice Minister Seiroku Kajiyama, who compared prostitutes in Tokyo to black Americans who move into white neighborhoods and force whites out.

Kajiyama, who has since apologized for the slur, made the statement after watching a raid on prostitutes in a red-light district in Tokyo.


“It’s like in America when neighborhoods become mixed because blacks move in and whites are forced out,” the official said.

Tamburro said he did not know how long the record boycott will be in effect.

“We’re giving CBS an opportunity to respond to the racist statement by the Japanese government,” he said. “Certainly a company as large as Sony would have some influence on the Japanese government. We’re not trying to do anything but stop racism.”

CBS Records in New York had no immediate comment.


WDAS-AM and WDAS-FM are owned by Unity Broadcasting Inc. of New York.

CBS’s Japanese parent, Sony, bought the record company in 1988 for $2 billion.