Bredenkamp Sworn Into Office : Bredenkamp Is Sworn In

Boyd Bredenkamp, who won a special election for the City Council last week, was sworn into office by City Clerk Elizabeth Villeral on Monday after the council adopted a resolution certifying the election results.

The final, official tally showed Bredenkamp, with 2,909 votes, finishing well ahead of Bob Dahms with 1,875 and Nancy Lopez with 604.

Villeral told the council that one precinct's delay in reporting its results did not affect the outcome. After the polls closed, a precinct worker went to her mother's house for dinner with the ballots instead of taking them directly to City Hall, delaying the final count by two hours. Villeral said that it was an honest oversight and that no tampering or other irregularities occurred.

Bredenkamp will represent the 3rd District until the spring of 1993, completing a term started by C. L. (Clay) Bryant, who was recalled in June.

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