Dancing Between Rinse Cycles

A street person dozes on a Laundromat bench, dreaming to the slosh and hum of the machines. Suddenly, a scuba diver, a creature with a 10-foot lizard's tail and more bizarre dream characters emerge from the dryers to join the dreamer in a celebratory dance, all to the music of Laurie Anderson.

Is this abstract performance art or a carefully choreographed corps de ballet? It is both, as dance aficionados and bewildered Laundry House customers will discover, when Plexus Dance Theatre stages the first in its new series of dance in unusual places Saturday.

Artistic Director Denee Jordan, who founded Plexus in Ojai in 1984, choreographed this piece specifically for an unsuspecting audience. She describes it as "the imagination coming to life, through the subconscious exploration of contemporary psychological and social themes."

The recipient of numerous arts grants, Plexus finished its first year of residency at Ventura College, where it has performed to sold-out houses.

Their far-ranging modern ballets may incorporate barefoot mime, rock street dances in aerobic sneakers or even ballet en pointe .

With Plexus, surprises abound. Dancers may appear unannounced again, performing a candid ballet when you least expect it.

The Laundry House is at 1848 E. Main St., Ventura. The performance starts at 2:00 p.m. Call Plexus Dance Theatre at 648-1778 for information.

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