Looking at the Relationship Between Women and Hollywood : A War That's Part of a Bigger War

Oh, no--not another boring article about the complaints of women in the movie business (led by Streep).

1--Streep, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, got the highest salary paid to an actress--$3 million for "Out of Africa."

2--If "Batman" grosses half a billion dollars and if the current hit is "Jacob's Ladder," then maybe moviegoers want to see big-budget fantasies with spectacular effects.

3--Perhaps the war between men and women in the movie business is just part of the overall war between the sexes. In our capitalistic society, men can't expect to meet a desirable woman unless they have money. So I suppose that the men who run the studios are likely to be more sympathetic toward a guaranteed money maker like "Total Recall 2" than they would be toward something like "thirtysomething--the Movie."

MATT OKADA, Pasadena

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