Liberal Justice

Add another to the long list of right-wing conservatives who have benefited from the court system they enjoy characterizing as too liberal and exceedingly lenient. North, Nofziger, Deaver, Secord, Poindexter, and now Roger Hedgecock have received slaps on the wrist from the same court system that conservatives love to vilify.

It would seem that, in their view, "tough" jurisprudence should apply only to the less fortunate and less "connected" among us. But, in the case of them and their ilk, the more lenient and understanding the better.

So remember Mr. Hedgecock, no comments on your radio show about the necessity of tougher sentencing, tough judges, and doing away with the lengthy appeals process. For you to be critical of our legal system in these areas is hypocrisy at its best.

BILL TAPP, San Diego

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