Prop. C Fallout

The passage of Proposition C is a sad commentary that the voting citizens of San Diego County have successfully been fooled into thinking that our beloved companion animals are essential for the advancement of medical research.

The fact is that San Diego is one of only four counties in the state that continue the abhorrent practice of pound seizure. Yet medical research continues to abound in many of the other counties where it has been banned--other counties that truly are dedicated to protecting the animals that provide humans with companionship and love.

If only every citizen who voted “yes” on Proposition C could walk through a research lab. That might have changed their “yes” vote to a “no” vote.

The federal Animal Welfare Act is the only legislation that requires that all institutions meet minimum standards for the care and housing of animals. The animal protection community has been trying for years to implement major changes in this law because the standards are grossly inadequate. I have seen animals in the laboratory that were in obvious pain and in cages so small they could barely move--and both of these conditions are within the standards set by this law.


Companion animals provide comfort, companionship and, for many people, a reason to live. Allowing our beloved pets to be sold for research is the ultimate betrayal and a fate worse than death.

J.P. NOVIC, San Diego