Building Industry Will Keep Helping to House the Homeless

We thank you for your acknowledgement of the Orange County Building Industry Assn.'s efforts to help the homeless in your Nov. 11 editorial "Finally Homing In on SRO Solutions."

The association has taken the initiative to be involved with many nonprofit organizations in order to assist homeless families in Orange County.

Through HomeAid, a nonprofit organization established by the BIA, we have personally seen the many faces of homelessness, while helping to provide transitional homeless shelter.

During Homeless Awareness Week (Nov. 10-17), HomeAid dedicated four new projects for the coming year: the Huntington Youth Shelter in Huntington Beach, the Friendship Shelter in Laguna Beach, the Precious Life Shelter in Los Alamitos and the Santa Ana YWCA Second Stage Housing Project.

These are important examples of transitional shelters that provide homeless families and individuals the opportunity to prepare for long-term housing. And, as you have stated so well, that's where Single Room Occupancy hotels (SROs), which can provide long-term low-income housing, can help so well.

The Building Industry Assn. will continue to exercise a leadership role to facilitate the development of SROs in Orange County. With the commitment of builders, nonprofit organizations, local governments, local community support and, of course, the all-important role of local media in spreading the good word, we can help alleviate the misery of the less fortunate and give them the chance for renewed dignity and purpose in life.

CHRISTINE D. REED, Executive director, BIA/Orange County Region

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