Janet Jackson Sweeps Music Awards : Pop: The singer wins eight Billboard prizes, matching Michael’s 1984 Grammy performance.

From Associated Press

Pop-singer Janet Jackson swept the Billboard Music Awards on Monday night in Los Angeles, winning eight prizes that highlighted her 1989 smash-album “Rhythm Nation: 1814.”

Jackson, the 24-year-old sister of pop legend Michael Jackson, was named the year’s No. 1 rhythm and blues artist, R&B; albums artist, R&B; singles artist and Hot 100 Singles Artist.

“Rhythm Nation” was chosen best pop album and best R&B; album. The singer was also named top dance artist and top dance singles artist.


Other winners included former Beatle Paul McCartney, for the highest gross from a concert; M. C. Hammer as the No. 1 pop and rap artist, and Sinead O’Connor for the top-ranking worldwide single hit, “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Phil Collins won three awards: No. 1 adult contemporary artist, adult contemporary single for the song “Do You Remember” and worldwide album for " . . . But Seriously.”

Jackson, who composed or helped compose seven of the 12 songs on “Rhythm Nation” and co-produced the record, said the experience was very meaningful.

“When I started this project two years ago, the idea was to mix social consciousness with dance music,” she said. “My dream was to affect people in a positive way.

“The most rewarding thing for me was to actually meet kids who had dropped out of school, had been hooked on drugs, or had even tried to take their own lives, but were inspired to change through ‘Rhythm Nation.’ ”

Jackson donated 25 cents from each ticket sold during her world concert tour earlier this year to Cities in Schools, an organization that puts dropouts back in school.

“Rhythm Nation” was among the children’s books and entertainment products praised by the magazine “Parents’ Choice” for its value to children.

The date in the album’s title refers to the year Francis Scott Key wrote the U.S. national anthem. Jackson said she looked up the date for fun after thinking that her song could be “the national anthem for the nineties.”

Jackson has generated six songs that ranked among the top five on the charts and three that reached the top spot.

Michael Jackson dominated music awards in 1984, winning eight Grammys.