Sasch Club Will Have New Owners

Sasch, the popular Studio City nightclub, is changing owners, according to general manager Marlon Parry.

Parry said the sale entered escrow last month and will become official in early December. As a tribute from current staff members, a farewell concert at the club will be held at 8 p.m. Dec. 8, featuring Faultline, the house band. Faultline contains several members of Ecstasy, including lead singer Debra Raye. Until earlier this year, Ecstasy played at Sasch every weekend for eight years.

“Let’s call it a last hurrah,” Parry said. “We just want to thank all the people who have played here over the years.” He said several signed acts, such as Bad English, have been invited to the show.

Parry said that he believes the new owners--Richard Kritzer and Arkady Kivman--plan to make some changes, such as instituting food service at the club. He said he is unaware of any changes in entertainment. For years, Sasch featured mainly Top 40 music, but recently added more up-tempo rock ‘n’ roll, bringing in a range of local bands.


“The changes have been very successful,” Parry said. “We feel like people have been very receptive.”

Parry said the current owner, Tom Chin, has owned Sasch for nine years.