Luggage Carts Now Free for LAX Foreign Travelers

In a move to make Los Angeles International Airport more “passenger-friendly,” Mayor Tom Bradley announced this week that luggage carts are now available free of charge to travelers arriving from foreign countries.

Until this week, tourists from abroad and others arriving at the airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal had to pay $1 to rent the carts, which are generally free at the nation’s other major airports.

“Now those who come into this terminal are going to be able to get their luggage out of this terminal without any further complaints to me and I’m happy about that,” Bradley told a news conference.

For those travelers who did not carry U.S. currency, arriving at LAX was often a frustrating experience because they had to claim their baggage and go through Customs--sometimes a drawn-out ordeal--before they could exchange their money and retrieve a cart.


Now, travelers will be able to collect a cart as soon as they disembark.