Lemon Grove

A judge rejected the pleas Monday of a 19-year-old stabbing victim who wanted the defendant, her boyfriend, to be released from jail.

Instead, Charles Williams, 24, of San Diego received a state prison term of seven years and a $1,000 fine.

Williams had been charged with rape and attempted murder in the attack, but he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

“Sometimes I would agitate him, because I know how he is,” the 19-year-old woman said in court. “I had a knife too. I was going to stab him before he was going to stab me.”


The woman said Williams stabbed her in self-defense while at her Lemon Grove apartment.

She asked for Williams to be freed immediately, but acknowledged, “I know he did wrong.”

“You want this man released?” asked Municipal Judge William D. Mudd. “And you came within a millimeter of death.”

The judge said he could still see the scars around her neck where an artery was slashed, and noted for the court record that she had been stabbed in the head, which might have broken the knife found at the scene.

“You’re lucky to be standing here,” said the judge. “I don’t really know what makes you tick. I think you’ve got a death wish.”

But the victim, insisting “he’s not dangerous,” said she will continue her relationship with Williams through prison and they might end up living together again when he is paroled.

Mudd said he hopes that some day in the future he will not read “over morning coffee . . . about your death.”