Library Needs Community Support

In November, more than 3,000 citizens of Santa Paula voted in favor of Library Measure F. Its passage would have provided $105,000 a year for the Blanchard Community Library for the next four years. Although the majority voted in favor of this measure, it failed to receive the required two-thirds vote needed.

This majority support for the library is gratifying; but because of reductions in local tax revenues and state-supported funding, we need additional monies to help keep us operating. To give us time to secure positive funding, we would like to ask those we serve to take their support another step further and consider a year-end tax-deductible donation of $15 or more.

Because of the expected $55,000 deficit beginning July 1, 1991, efforts need to begin immediately to try to offset the expected 30% cuts in staffing, services and supplies that the library will be facing. We are asking those we serve to help us minimize the impact of reduced services seven months from now.

More than 3,000 voted yes; hopefully, just as many will support the library monetarily by year’s end.



Chairman, The Blanchard Community Library Commission