VIDEO RENTALS : Schwarzenegger Recalls Top Spot

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“Pretty Woman” and “Total Recall” are playing musical chairs with the No. 1 position on the Billboard rental chart. This week it’s “Total Recall’s” turn in first place. The competition has been too tough for “Another 48 HRS.,” which jumped three places to No. 3 in its third chart week. In other months, it might have been No. 1 by now. But this sequel may yet muscle its way to No. 1. “Men at Work,” with Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, started fast but has slowed down just as quickly, moving up just one notch to No. 13. That small rise is an indication that it’s close to peaking already and may not even make the Top 10. “Miami Blues” (No. 14), “I Love You to Death” (No. 16) and “The First Power” (No. 18) all started out as if they might be long-running Top 10 rentals, but fizzled fast.

Ranking Ranking 2 Weeks Top Rentals Last Week Ago 1. “Total Recall” (Carolco) 2 1 2. “Pretty Woman” (Touchstone) 1 2 3. “Another 48 HRS.” (Paramount) 6 25 4. “Bird on a Wire” (MCA/Universal) 5 9 5. “The Hunt for Red October” (Paramount) 3 3 * “Betsy’s Wedding” (Touchstone) 16 35

Weeks On Rental Top Rentals Chart 1. “Total Recall” (Carolco) 5 2. “Pretty Woman” (Touchstone) 7 3. “Another 48 HRS.” (Paramount) 3 4. “Bird on a Wire” (MCA/Universal) 3 5. “The Hunt for Red October” (Paramount) 6 * “Betsy’s Wedding” (Touchstone) 3

* In its third week on the chart, “Betsy’s Wedding,” a comedy featuring Alan Alda and Molly Ringwald, jumped from No. 16 to No. 10. Female renters in particular find this one attractive because it’s one of the few new major titles that isn’t a macho action movie.