Latchkey Program Seeks Certification

The Carson City Council has decided to apply for state certification of a popular latchkey program, which the city closed at the end of November because it was operating without a state license.

About 200 children were involved in the Kids Club program at the city’s 12 parks and community center. The program provided before- and after-school supervision.

The city’s Tiny Tots day-care program for preschool children was also found to be operating without proper certification, according to the state Department of Social Services.

In November, the city decided to file for state certification only for the Tiny Tots program. City officials said it would be too difficult to certify Kids Club, which requires program directors to have an academic degree in child development or experience in a day-care center, or a combination of both.


However, many parents protested that decision, and Mayor Vera Robles DeWitt announced Tuesday that a subcommittee will be formed to examine the certification procedure for Kids Club, liability issues and fee structure. Members of the panel will include representatives of the parks, the Gardena/Carson YMCA, the Los Angeles Unified School District and two council members, DeWitt and Sylvia Muise.