Pacific Palisades : Changes for 2 Schools

Palisades High will become a four-year school next year and Paul Revere Junior High will add sixth grade under a reconfiguration plan approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District Board.

The reconfiguration is a way for the schools in the Palisades area to take on 23% more students, as required by the district, without the grade schools having to go on a staggered year-round schedule.

It is possible in the area because there is empty space available at the junior and senior high schools. Moving the sixth grade to Revere makes space for the growing population of elementary school students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The ninth grade then is bumped up to the high school.

Parents in the area supported the reconfiguration, rather than having each elementary school struggle with the need to increase capacity. Also, current educational research favors a sixth-to-eighth grade middle school as best for serving the needs of this age group.


The elementary schools involved in the reconfiguration are Canyon, Kenter Canyon, Marquez and Pacific Palisades.