Santa Monica : Tourism Task Force Formed

The Santa Monica Area Chamber of Commerce has formed a special task force on tourism to develop a 10-point action plan.

Among the specific goals are to identify and remove local government obstacles preventing the tourism industry from maximizing tourism-related revenues, review transportation needs of visitors, ensure commitment to the cleanup of Santa Monica Bay, and identify means to reduce tourist-related crimes.

The task force--which will be chaired by Sherrie Laveroni, general manager of the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel--is expected to present its findings to the City Council by April 15, 1991.

In a long-range planning report compiled by the chamber, tourism was found to be one of the most important business segments within the city’s economy, and “is a critical component of a viable economic strategy for Santa Monica.”


The chamber’s report found that during fiscal 1989-90, the city received more than $5 million in transient occupancy tax, and that during 1989, tourists and visitors spent more than $280 million in the city.