Culver City : Employees Get Pay Raises

The City Council has approved 5.5% salary increases for the coming year for city management employees.

The 5.5% raise is to be followed in 1992 and 1993 by increases based on the Consumer Price Index, under a three-year agreement reached between the city and management group employees and approved by the council Monday. About 75 employees are covered, including the directors of community development, human services and transportation departments, senior accountants and the city engineer, said Personnel Manager Gordon Youngs. The raise is retroactive to Oct. 8.

Last year, management employees were given a 4.5% pay raise.

Certain upper-level management employees classified in a separate personnel category, such as Youngs, the city attorney, deputy city attorneys, the chief administrative officer and the city clerk, were given 5.5% pay increases.


With the raise, Youngs earns $6,203 a month, Chief Administrative Officer Dale Jones, $8,925, City Atty. Eleanor Egan, $8,491, and Community Development Director Jody Hall-Esser, $6,819, Youngs said. City Clerk Pauline C. Dolce and Treasurer Sue McCabe each earn $5,843 monthly.

Deputy city attorneys make $5,315 per month.

The vote for the pay raises was 3 to 2, with Councilman James D. Boulgarides and Mayor Steven Gourley saying they opposed the increases because of the city’s tight budget. Gourley said the raises may lead to layoffs in the spring.

However, Gourley voted for the increases for the city clerk and treasurer, saying that elected officials’ salaries lag behind their capabilities and qualifications.