Ten Reasons Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Go to War With Iraq

People who are concerned about the Persian Gulf crisis are welcome to join us in a “teach-in” Jan. 5 from noon to 4 p.m. at Caltech, Pasadena, in Baxter Hall.

As a former candidate for Congress in California, I want to explain why “we the people” must unite to prevent President Bush from stealing our peace dividend, wasting our tax dollars and bringing our children home in body bags. Here are 10 reasons not to go to war with Iraq:

1. Iraq has historical and legitimate claims against Kuwait: the right to a viable seaport on the Persian Gulf and the right to be paid for the oil which Kuwait pumped from Iraq’s Rumaila field during the war with Iran. Saddam Hussein had no right to settle these claims by forceful occupation of Kuwait.

2. The Bush Administration did not discourage the invasion.


3. The Bush Administration desperately needed a gulf crisis and war emergency to solve two domestic problems: the economic depression and the political fallout tied to the savings and loan scandal.

4. Americans and others should not sacrifice their lives to restore the status quo for two undemocratic countries like Iraq and Kuwait or increase the profits of big oil.

5. Since most of the U.S. volunteer army consists of blacks and Hispanics as well as working- and middle-class Americans, the upper-income groups do not share in any sacrifices that are being made.

6. The economic embargo aimed at pushing Iraq out of Kuwait is working.


7. Iraqi aggression has been stopped.

8. The U.N. Security Council has approved military action against Iraq if it does not withdraw from Kuwait by Jan. 15. Only China, Cuba and Yemen recognized this to be a major mistake which virtually guarantees war.

9. The Times Poll shows 53% of the American people against offensive military action and only 38% for it (Nov. 16.).

10. Under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, Bush has passed the 60-day limit for emergency presidential action. He must get a Congressional Declaration of War to take military action against Iraq (69% agree with this).