Optimists Need to Come Out of Closet

Year-end messages are generally upbeat, but I’m finding too few who share my optimism for ’91. Regardless of media forecasts, I see my glass spilling over for one simple reason: I control my fate.

I’m not the first to state that positive attitudes breed positive results, but it bears repeating when messages of gloom are as fashionable as they now are.

To make ’91 the best year ever, just increase your productivity. I believe we can all do that by thinking in terms of problem-solving. What’s the first step? I think we start to solve problems when we identify where improvements can be made in our work environment. Maybe it’s no more than reviewing our job description to see of we live up to it. A solution, waiting to be found, may be that close at hand.

Also, look ahead. Anticipating problems can often preempt them. When you prevent a problem, you’re usually saving money that can be used to finance a new proactive effort. These opportunities exist. Let’s all work to find them.


I’m convinced that we optimists have to come out of the closet. We can’t sit back and wait for something to happen. Holding out until universal prosperity is bannered in the business section of the newspaper is not the sign of success, just the sign of the times.

I believe we have to write our own headlines.