With Goalposts Down, Fan Scores Points for Charity

<i> Associated Press</i>

At least one of the delirious Buffalo Bills fans who tore down the Rich Stadium goalposts after their team clinched the AFC East championship was visited by the Christmas spirit today.

The unidentified fan donated a section of the goalposts to a Buffalo radio station, which cut it up and sold it off to raise money for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Mike Roszman, operations manager for station WGR, said the station raised about $2,000 for the cancer center by selling off quarter-inch sections of the goalposts for $10 apiece.

“You hate to see them tear down the goalposts,” Roszman said. “In our business, we call it lemonade--someone gives you a pile of lemons, you make lemonade.”


The Bills estimated it would cost about $7,000 to replace the two metal goalposts that were snapped off at the base by the fans after Sunday’s 24-14 victory over Miami.