SAN CLEMENTE : City Makes Push for Corporate Center

In an attempt to expand San Clemente’s economy, the City Council plans to encourage large companies to move their headquarters here.

At its last meeting, the council directed Community Development Director Jim Holloway to lobby the Arvida Co. to establish a corporate center in the proposed Tallega Valley development.

The company plans to build 5,000 homes, a business park and two golf courses on 2,200 acres on Avenida Pico, northeast of the downtown area.

City officials say the development is ideal for a corporate center.


“We in San Clemente have a lot to offer,” Holloway said. “We have a great environment, clean air, no traffic congestion, relatively cheap land and a great quality of life.”

Holloway said he plans to meet with Arvida officials to discuss the council’s suggestion.

Several years ago, the city hoped that the Rancho San Clemente business park would be a magnet for major corporations, but the site has attracted only small and mid-sized companies.

Councilman Thomas Lorch suggested that the city maintain large parcels of land at Rancho San Clemente to attract businesses.

But officials voted 4 to 1 against imposing a halt on additional subdivisions.

“There are benefits for the company and the city,” Holloway said. “Arvida can enhance the value of its property and we can expand our tax base.”