BOWL UPDATE : CITRUS : He Has Felt Persian Gulf Strife Up Close

Darryl Jenkins, a second team all-Atlantic Coast Conference tackle from Georgia Tech, has been especially interested in the situation in the Persian Gulf. His summer job moving boxes for a freight company found him working outside the fences that surround Ft. McPherson, Ga., where troops were being shipped to the Middle East.

“You see a lot of families out there waving goodby to their fathers,” Jenkins said. “While I never got to know my father, it struck me that they may never get to know theirs.”

Larry Jenkins, Darryl’s father, was killed in Vietnam shortly before Darryl’s first birthday. Darryl’s cousin, Michael, is currently in the Middle East.

“He said he wasn’t going to be over there for a month, but I think, you know, he’s probably going to be other there a while longer,” Jenkins told the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.


Darryl is 23, two years older than his father when he died.

“It makes you think,” Darryl said.

When Colorado scored 27 points in the fourth quarter to beat Nebraska, 27-12, the game had a profound effect on the Cornhuskers for the remaining two games.

“After the game we were very, very quiet,” said linebacker Pat Tyrance. “As much as you’d like to put it behind you, it’s really tough to do. It carried over to our next two games.”

The second of those games was a 45-10 loss to Oklahoma.

“I don’t think I have ever seen the mood that low (in Lincoln, Neb.),” Tyrance said. “We set a lot of goals for our team and had high expectations. The last game of the season was really disappointing. It’s tough.”

Nebraska finished the regular season 9-2. Georgia Tech is 10-0-1.