LOCAL : Car Runs Into Store; Driver Flees

From Times Wire Services

A driver plowed his car through the front doors of a convenience store early today and pinned a customer against an ice cream machine before bailing out of the wreck and fleeing, authorities said.

The customer suffered only minor injuries as he was pushed up an aisle and pinned against an ice cream machine in the 7-Eleven store at 2900 Hyperion Ave. near Silver Lake, Sgt. Wayne Ridders said.

The driver of the car had been in the store just before the accident, Ridders said. He left and got into his car, but “instead of putting it in reverse he puts it in drive and goes through the double glass doors right down the main aisle, hits the patron and pushes him up against an ice cream machine,” Ridders said.

The store’s surveillance cameras videotaped the trapped patron screaming and the driver running away.


“The guy who caused it all ran away, but we know who it is because his girlfriend called wanting to get her car back,” Ridders said.