'Home Alone' in 9th Week as No. 1 Film : Movies: 'Godfather Part III' takes dramatic slide from second to sixth place in its third week out. 'Awakenings' is in second.


Despite sleet and snow on the East Coast that brought moviegoing to a standstill Friday, it was a healthy weekend at the box office, with the top 10 titles bringing in receipts of more than $50 million.

Leading the pack--for the ninth weekend in a row--was 20th Century Fox's holiday sleeper, "Home Alone." The comedy about a plucky 8-year-old who finds himself on his own for the holidays had weekend ticket sales of about $9.9 million on 2,157 screens, for a still-sturdy per-screen average of $4,589.

In contrast, Paramount Pictures' "The Godfather Part III" took a dramatic slide its third week out--dropping 47% over the previous weekend's receipts and tumbling from second to sixth place. Francis Ford Coppola's sequel to his sprawling gangster saga had ticket sales of about $4.4 million on 1,922 screens, for a poor per-screen average of $2,289.

Elsewhere, both "Awakenings" and "Green Card"--which widened from limited release--had strong showings, and Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest action title, "Lionheart," showed muscle.

But the just-out "Not Without My Daughter," starring Sally Field and based on a real-life story of a woman's efforts to get her young daughter out of Iran, opened poorly despite heavy promotion and current headlines about crises in the Middle East.

From Columbia Pictures, "Awakenings"--directed by Penny Marshall and starring Robin Williams as a doctor who awakens Robert De Niro from a sleeping disease--widened to 1,282 screens where it earned about $8.5 million, for a per-screen average of $6,630. It was the No. 2 film for the week.

"Green Card," from Disney's Buena Vista Distribution, wasn't among the top 10 because it widened only 75 screens. But with earnings of about $1.5 million, it had a strong per-screen average of $10,067. Starring Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell, the comedy about a marriage of convenience that leads to love is directed by Peter Weir.

About an escaped Foreign Legionnaire who takes on the bad guys in bare-knuckle boxing, Universal Pictures' "Lionheart" emerged from a critical beating to take ticket sales of about $7 million and third place. In release on 1,461 screens, it averaged $4,859.

With ticket sales of only about $3.9 million, MGM/UA's "Not Without My Daughter"--which many critics found to be anti-Islamic--was ranked seventh. In release on 1,137 screens, its per-screen average was about $3,430.

Rounding out the weekend's top 10, in estimated figures, were:

"Kindergarten Cop" (Universal), fourth place with $6.6 million; "Dances With Wolves (Orion Pictures), fifth, $5.5 million; "Edward Scissorhands" (Fox), eighth, $3.7 million; "Mermaids" (Orion), ninth, $2.7 million; "Look Who's Talking Too" (Tri-Star Pictures), 10th, $2.2 million.

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