Redondo Official Replies to Critics

On Tuesday night (Feb. 12), at what I considered an improper special meeting, I was falsely accused of “actively campaigning” for a personal friend. Contrary to what was said, it is important for me to set the record straight.

First and foremost, I have not been nor shall I “actively campaign” for any candidate; though I may do so if I choose under the Constitution of the United States of America. And, last time I checked, Redondo Beach is, still, part of America.

I told my friend when I was asked to publicly endorse him that I could not; because of my professional position as elections officer. Further, most endorsements aren’t worth a hill of beans anyway.

I have been in politics for over 20 years and learned early on that elections are won through hard work, courage, and believing in yourself. It takes a lot of guts to present yourself at the door of a voter in hopes of gaining their support.


While campaigning for my own election, I have been chased by dogs, attacked by someone’s pet parrot, even had a woman’s child urinate on my new cowboy boots. To help soothe the embarrassment of the lady I stated, “Well, I guess I know how this child feels about politicians.”

Each day you must persevere regardless of your success or failures from the previous day. Your commitment and ability to discipline yourself must be carried to the very end.

Each of the candidates who are running for the council seat in District 5 have received the same advice I gave my friend: “If you want to win go out there,” where there are doors to be knocked, dogs waiting to chase you and another woman’s child who hates politicians. Good luck.


City clerk, Redondo Beach