Elderly Newport Beach Couple Bound and Robbed in Their Home

An elderly husband and wife were robbed at gunpoint Thursday in their home by two men in stocking masks who bound them with duct tape, police said.

The victims--Leonard Hall, 77, and his wife, Anna, 75--were unharmed, said police, who have not released the value of the goods taken.

After Hall got out of his car, the robbers apparently followed him the into his home in the 1700 block of Antigua Way about 4 p.m., Police Sgt. Al Fischer said.


The gunmen taped Hall’s hands behind his back and forced him to lie on the floor in the kitchen while they ransacked the house, Fischer said.

Anna Hall arrived home about 10 minutes later. She was also bound with tape and made to lie down, Fischer said.

The intruders took an undetermined amount of cash from the woman’s purse, the jewelry she was wearing and other jewelry from upstairs, Fischer said.

The couple freed themselves from the duct tape and called police after the robbers left.

Witnesses saw two men leaving the area in a green Nissan two-door hatchback, Fischer said.