Council Votes to Sue in Landfill Expansion

The Los Angeles City Council voted 10-0 Friday to file a lawsuit challenging the expansion of Sunshine Canyon Landfill approved recently by the county Board of Supervisors.

The motion authorizing the lawsuit was introduced by Councilman Hal Bernson, who represents the north San Fernando Valley area most affected by the dump.

On Feb. 19, county supervisors granted Browning-Ferris Industries a permit to dump up to 17 million tons of garbage on 200 acres of unincorporated county territory the firm owns above Granada Hills.


Under the Bernson motion, the city attorney’s office was instructed to sue the county “to stop expansion of the landfill.”

Browning-Ferris now runs a landfill on a smaller site in Sunshine Canyon that is located within the city of Los Angeles. The city permit to operate in this area expires later this year.

Bernson, now seeking reelection, has been a staunch foe of the Sunshine Canyon dumping operations for more than a decade.