I am an avid reader of the Sunday Book Review but I object strongly to your chosen reviewers gratuitously injecting their own political opinions and prejudices in their copy when it has nothing to do with the book under review. The most recent example is that of Edward W. Said's review of Albert Hourani's "A History of the Arab People" (Feb. 17).

In it he says, ". . . a very fine book, which appears just when the United States is attempting in effect to destroy Iraq as a modern Arab nation." This comment has nothing to do with the merits of the book under review, and I am surprised that the editors allowed the comment to remain.

Mr. Said obviously has strong pro-Iraqi sentiments, but as a U.S. resident he should know that the United States is trying to destroy Saddam Hussein's tyrannical and murderous war machine and not the country of Iraq.

Mr. Said has a second onslaught on the U.S.A. when he compares "the present assault on Baghdad with the Mongol destruction of the city in 1258." Again, a snide but specious reference, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the estimable book under review.

Please keep the injection of gratuitous political opinions out of the Book Review, except when they are relevant to the content of the book in question.



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