Customers Formerly Loyal to Sears Say Poor Service Has Driven Them to Shop Elsewhere

I was especially interested in the Consumer Affairs column "Sears' Biggest Problem May Be Its Service" (Feb. 8), because Sears' decline has been a subject of discussion lately in our family.

We have shopped at Sears since 1946. Our first credit account was at Sears. My kitchen fairly bristled with Sears appliances. Our lawn mower, bed, clothes, linens . . . all were purchased there. We went to Sears nearly every week for something. Not anymore.

With four children, I used the catalogue a lot. If I called before 4 p.m. on Monday, I picked the order up after 4 on Tuesday. Everything was plucked from bins in the warehouse by fast, efficient girls on roller skates. If your refrigerator or your water heater died and had to be replaced immediately, you could make a call to the Soto Street catalogue store and arrange for a two-hour pickup.

About a year ago, we had to replace our Kenmore dishwasher. When I went to Sears' appliance department I was informed that it would take eight to 10 days for delivery. When we decided to replace our stove, I went to Sears again, but I never found a sales person.

I went to another store and bought a range that was delivered the next day. The refrigerator is getting old and will have to be replaced. Guess where I am not going to go!



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