Tijuana Adopted as Sister City

The Inglewood City Council adopted Tijuana, Mexico, as a sister city Tuesday in a symbolic nod to its growing Latino population. The move adds to Inglewood's sister city relationships with municipalities in Jamaica, Italy and Korea.

Inglewood's sister city program began in 1981 when Councilman Anthony Scardenzan helped form a relationship with his hometown of Pedavena, Italy.

Port Antonio, Jamaica, became Inglewood's second sister city in 1989 to appeal to black residents. Kyongju, Korea, was added last fall as part of a drive to improve relations between merchants of Korean descent and black customers.

Inglewood's population is 50.1% black, 38.5% Latino, 8.5% Anglo, 2.2% Asian and 0.7% other groups, according to 1990 census figures.

The sister city relationships have prompted visits and exchanges of gifts. Inglewood residents have sent hundreds of books to Port Antonio to help replenish a library destroyed by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.

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