Jim Murray's Columns on Hope and Tennis

Regarding Jim Murray's article, "Redhead, Shoulders Above Rest" (March 15):

Mr. Murray, I beg to differ with you. You were quick to jump on the bandwagon of Agassi-bashers with your claim that Andre "isn't anybody's pride and joy."

I'm sorry that Andre isn't your cup of tea. However, I had the pleasure of meeting Andre's parents and brother at the Newsweek Champions Cup. I assure you that Andre is their pride and joy.

I cannot conceive what Andre has done to turn sports journalists so against him. At least Thomas Bonk has tried to see past his hair and clothing and explore the person inside.

As a fan of American tennis, I can tell you that Andre is a source of pride and joy, and that his contribution to the game during our past dry spell kept American hopes alive.



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