CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE : Workshops Focus on Gay Issues

A series of panel discussions, workshops and speakers this week at Cal State Northridge focused on homosexual and bisexual issues.

For the first time, bisexual issues were included in the annual awareness week sponsored by the Lesbian and Gay Alliance, said Mark Hollingsworth, alliance co-director.

Bisexuals have difficulty gaining acceptance from both heterosexuals and homosexuals, said Ron Owen, a member of the Bisexual Network of Southern California.


One workshop addressed difficulties that gay men and lesbians encounter in the entertainment industry. Although it has been easier to be openly gay in that industry, discrimination still exists, said Dale Reynolds, a journalist and actor.

Family and political issues encountered by gay men, lesbians and bisexuals also were discussed during this year’s awareness week, the theme of which was “Pride in Achievement.”

The homosexual and bisexual community is a “legitimate community on this campus and in the whole world,” said Aviv Ilan, executive director of the Associated Students production and entertainment unit, which co-sponsored one of the week’s events.

“They are one of the many parts that make up campus diversity and they need to be recognized like any other community on campus.”

For gay men, lesbians and bisexuals to promote awareness of themselves “is great,” Ilan said. “They are taking great steps to make themselves heard on campus.”