COUNTYWIDE : Supervisor Devising Environmental Plan

Ventura County Supervisor Maria VanderKolk said she is formulating a plan that would identify environmentally sensitive regions of the county.

The plan, she said, would call for the tightening of restrictions on development in such areas.

Also, VanderKolk said she is supporting Los Angeles County Supervisor Ed Edelman in his efforts to strengthen restrictions on development in sensitive areas of Los Angeles County.


VanderKolk and Edelman, who represents the Agoura area of Los Angeles County, plan to hold a joint news conference today to discuss the environmental endeavors.

VanderKolk said she intends to use information provided by the state Department of Fish and Game to identify the “significant ecological areas"--or SEAs.

“SEAs would give the board another weapon in its battle to beat back uncontrolled growth,” VanderKolk said. “Some developers are waging an all-out war on our natural heritage, and the time has come to draw the line in the concrete.”