Rap Wars: Do We Care About Whether Ice Will Be Hammered?

I could not care less as to what Robert Van Winkle and Stanley Kirk Burrell think of one another or of any other subject. Their strictly commercial success reaped from the original achievements of other artists (Rick James, as well as Queen with Bowie) is indicative of our youth culture’s low musical standards.

The fact that these video-embellished circus acts have record deals thoroughly justifies Sinead O’Connor’s contempt for an industry that packages art like McDonald’s packages burgers.

You can go back to the streets or from wherever you came, Ice baby, if you don’t get to the cut-out bins first.

And as for you, Hammer, you will never, never leave to music, after 50 albums or 50 Pepsi commercials, what O’Connor has bequeathed to us after but one record. Her integrity, thoughts and passions will remain long after your sequined suits have succumbed to the moths.