Don't Forget Candidate

The article headlined "Council Candidate's Financial Report Omits $9,850 in Debts" (Times, March 17) leads one to believe that the City Council election for the 6th District has only three candidates.

You are omitting any information on Sal Grammatico. Let's set the record straight.

First of all, if you are comparing viability, you have to include the fact that Grammatico has a large number of local volunteers. This translates into more than money. This means that people who are willing to donate their time and talents to Sal are voters. These are people who work and live in the community, not carpetbaggers from outside the district hoping to develop large projects.

You should also indicate where each candidate's money was raised. By my calculations, Ruth Galanter has raised 88% of her money out of the district, Mary Lee Gray has raised 55% of hers outside the district, and Tavis Smiley has raised 82% of his money from outside sources. Sal Grammatico, meanwhile, has raised 78% of his campaign funds from within the 6th District. Remember that Pat Russell raised the most money and was defeated on the issues.

Last, but not least, Grammatico is the elected leader of three community groups and has been appointed by a judge as an intervenor for LAX airport noise variance application--meaning that he is a substantial, viable candidate. We insist you give equal space to all the candidates, including Sal Grammatico.


Los Angeles

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