I wrote several weeks ago commenting on the Book Review's pattern of reviewing far more books by male authors than those by female authors. This in spite of the fact that about one-third of the authors on your Best Sellers' list consistently are women. Your reviewing ratio is biased.

On March 10, a feminist reader, Diane R. Holman, canceled her subscription to The Times. She cited "the absence of feminist insights" and "there are no new stories, only endless repetitions of an old one: Man lusts and thinks and--."

On March 17, you added insult to injury with "American Psycho" covering the entire front page of Book Review. The limited mentality of this book illustrates an inability to widen your outlook, to risk, to honor the feminine viewpoint. Though the review was not positive, it did get front-page exposure, along with a disgusting illustration.

I give up. I'm through with The Times. Won't you join me, sisters?



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