Don't Label Joynt as the Perpetrator

As a collective governing body, the Cerritos City Council has been entrusted with the responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of the citizens of the city.

Mayor Ann Joynt, Mayor Pro Tem Paul Bowlen and Councilmen John Crawley and Sherman Kappe represent very diverse political views; their votes vary in accordance with the issues. Their independent votes are a matter of public record. Sometimes they agree, sometimes not.

The Cerritos City Council's recent decision to terminate the services of the city manager received an overwhelming 4-0, unanimous vote (Councilman Daniel Wong was absent).

The notion that Mayor Joynt is solely responsible for this action is absurd. She has unfairly been labeled as the perpetrator in the council's decision, and attempts have been made to deride her for the collective action of the entire council. All members present voted their conscience. The vote speaks for itself.

Mayor Joynt continues to do an outstanding job for the city of Cerritos. Her responsibilities are taken seriously and her actions reflect what she has been elected to do--represent the citizens of Cerritos not only for its past accomplishments, but future endeavors. Her zeal and integrity remain unquestionable. She is a true professional. This city needs more council members like Ann Joynt.


Planning Commissioner

City of Cerritos

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