Rams Trade Gaston Green, Draft Pick to Broncos for Tackle Gerald Perry

The Rams swapped disappointing running back Gaston Green to the Denver Broncos for talented but much-troubled offensive tackle Gerald Perry Sunday.

In addition to Green, the Rams' top pick (and ninth overall) in the 1988 draft out of UCLA, the Rams gave Denver the higher of their two fourth-round draft choices this year. The Broncos gave the Rams their 12th-round pick.

The 27-year-old Perry (6-6, 305) solves the Rams need for a young tackle, but he comes with considerable baggage. Perry was arrested several times during his three-year career in Denver, underwent alcohol rehabilitation last year, and currently faces a court date in June for two separate charges: one for third-degree sexual assault and one for assault and battery.

"We have tried to research it as much as we can, and we feel the change of scenery will obviously be better for him," Ram Coach John Robinson said.

Although the Rams have tried to trade Green many times in the past, Robinson said: "I think Gaston is a solid back in this league. I think he'll do well for Denver."

Said Green: "I'm excited about getting an opportunity to play more in a new situation. I guess I was just caught up in a bad situation here. I never got a chance to play with the Rams."

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