Story on Mark Keppel High Students 'Made Us Furious'

In the article "Thefts Near School Bring Students Heat" (Times, May 5), the author points out that police officials in Monterey Park believe that some youngsters of Mark Keppel High School commit crime during lunch break.

We feel very unfortunate to have this image by the public. We understand that there are possibilities for some students to be involved in criminal activities such as house thefts.

However, we think it's unfair for all students to be kept inside the campus during lunch hours. Students of Mark Keppel High School are not all occupied with evil intentions. Many study seriously, with high achievements in their academic as well as sports performances.

Therefore, students need a chance to walk around off-campus areas to refresh one's mind from the stress of class assignments. Constructing a form of margins surrounding the school will presumably motivate many students to rebel, thus causing new problems in the future.


Monterey Park

(and other students)

Keppel Students Sent Flood of Letters

The Times received 25 letters signed by 57 students, all protesting the May 5 story concerning Mark Keppel High School.

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