Story on Mark Keppel High Students 'Made Us Furious'

Giving such false ideas and descriptions will damage the image of Mark Keppel High School. It will also damage the relationship between the community and the school. That is wrong! That is isolating the school from the community.

Describing a school in such a way and from such a narrow point of view of prejudice won't make the story more interesting but damages the image of Keppel and its students for no reasonable reason.

We don't agree on the idea of closing the campus during lunchtime. It always has been a tradition at Keppel to go out at lunchtime. Secondly, school lunch facilities cannot serve every student lunch if the campus is closed at lunchtime. And like Mr. Chavez said, the students should have the right to go out at lunch and interact with the community.

The reason why gang violence is increasing is because many students have lost their interest in school. Why? Many school programs have been cut and many teachers and workers in school were laid off.


Monterey Park

(and other students)

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